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Schoolovision 2009, the school Eurovision song contest

2010  |  

Title: Schoolovision 2009

Educational stage: Third cycle in Primary Education

Subject: Artisitic education and Foreign languages

The title of this project shows its similarity with the Eurovision Song Contest. Michael Purves, a teacher in the United Kingdom, is in charge of this great idea, which consists in representing this Festival in European Primary Schools, using the opportunity provided by the eTwinning platform to contact teachers from 32 countries.


This idea became very popular and teachers from 30 schools from other countries registered as participants in the contest-festival, such as the CEIP Pablo Ruiz Picasso, in Castilla-La Mancha. Michael Purves did not only persuade them to participate, but he also carried out all coordination work, which is a very difficult task at the beginning, bearing in mind the number of participants.

Each partner chose a song, recorded it on video and uploaded it onto the blog created for this work. Viewing its contents is like doing an express journey around Europe: schools, national symbols, landscapes and, especially, the show created by the students. With feeling, devotion and spontaneity, they have acted like professionals. A symphony of voices, musical instruments (guitar, recorder, saxophone, keyboards, etc.) to go with the melodies, well-performed routines, colourful costumes designed for the occasion and, lastly, the representation on stage.

Following all major shows, they still had to deal with the critical stage: 20 groups of young boys and girls in a videoconference where each one published their votes as if they were real national spokespeople. We can imagine how the excited students from each school experienced this and the moment when the winner of the contest was announced: the Czech Republic. The enthusiastic coordinator travelled to the Czech school and gave the winners their award. This was their surprising performance:

This work has been acknowledged with the eTwinning European Award 2010 in the category of the creative use of computers and with the first prize in the Global Junior Challenge. Its great repercussion on the local media has even led to the broadcasting of the videoconference where the winning song was chosen. We can only imagine that the reward students have had all throughout the project has even been enriched with all these acknowledgements. Enjoy as a spectator!




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