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Look at the application of Physics and Chemistry with Magic but real experiments

2010  |  

Title: Magic but real experiments.

Educational stage: Secondary Education.

Subject: Physics and Chemistry, Foreign Languages (English, French).

This project was awarded in the special category of «Maths and Science», and it is special not only for the curricular contents developed and the methodology used, but also for the enthusiasm shown by the students from Romania, Portugal, Poland, Lithuania and Spain. The practical activities in the field of Physics and Chemistry (movement, forces, fluids, vibration and waves, electricity and magnetism, optics, properties of matter, reactions and chemicals, etc.) have gone beyond the walls of the lab and have temporarily invaded students' homes, the classroom or other facilities in the schools, and finally they have remained stored in the participants' common virtual space.


These simple experiments are a creative way to teach and learn Physics-Chemistry and have meant a significant change both for teachers and students regarding the perception of the themes dealt with and the attitude shown when approaching the tasks; some students have even described it as a “much more fun way than just explaining the content”. Have a look at an example of the 88 experiments:

We must also mention the excellent level of coordination amongst members throughout the project. Both the Spanish coordinator, Manuel Díaz Escalera, the Foreign Language teachers (English and French) in his school, and the European partners have made joint decisions, have kept a written record of the work plans and have also set the dates for activity presentation and completion. All this has been possible thanks to the extensive use made of ICTs: forum, e-mail, event calendar, chat, noticeboard and the blog. The latter has been the main character in the the publishing and promotion of documents, together with digital video, Twinspace tools, search engines, digital image platforms such as Flickr, etc.

It is a satisfying experience for the blog visitor to see the high levels of participation on behalf of students and to see that they have been especially sensitive to the responsibility they had towards their European partners, and so they have made a great effort to make their video recordings as well as possible. Surrounded by lab materials and other tools for each test, they have posed before the camera, they have made an excellent use of the foreign language and they have explained the whole process in a clear and entertaining manner.  But they are not magicians; they are at the Sagrado Corazón School in Sevilla.


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