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LED – Learning and Teaching Furniture Design in Europe, a modern collection of furniture

2010  |  

Title: LED – Learning and Teaching Furniture Design in Europe

Educational stage:  Vocational training

Subject: Economics, ICT and IT, Foreign languages, Art, Design and Technology, European studies.

The LED: Learning and Teaching Furniture Design in Europe project is part of a Comenius school association between the Marcel-Breuer-Schule Berlin school (Germany), the Stredná odborná škola drevárska school (Slovakia), the Kaesz Gyula Faipari Szakközépiskola és Szakiskola school (Hungary) and a special collaborator from Turkey.

Students have worked following a common timeline, starting off from the history of furniture design in the participating countries. The analysis and application of the statement “form follows function and this requires a structure” and the presentation of the drafts has led to a rich, colourful and modern collection of works: ergonomic and decorative furniture, pictures, sculptures, reliefs, paintings,  etc.


This association has enriched the works with some very tasty ingredients: collaborative work, fluent communication amongst partners, a mixed social programme, visits and the insite enjoyment of the typical designs in the participating regions, where they have noticed, analysed and compared the typical elements in each one in order to achieve a European understanding of design and culture.


Information and communication technologies have been the tools used to store information, to communicate (Skype, email, videoletters), to learn in virtual surroundings, to assess and to publish.


The promotion of the project in the European, Slovakian and Turkish press has favoured the awarding of various prizes and acknowledgements, such as the Quality Labels for Germany and Slovakia, the European Quality Label and, lastly, the European eTwinning Award 2010 in the 16 to 19 age category.

After seeing it, you will have many more ideas for your future projects.



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