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Searching Twelve Labors to Hercules, a creative example of interdisciplinary teaching

2010  |  

Title: Searching Twelve Labors to Hercules.

Educational stage: Further Secondary Education.

Subject: Art, Latin, Greek, History, Computer Science / Technology.

It is wonderful to go over the task done by students at IES Vegas Bajas in Extremadura and students from Instituto Magistrale Statale G. Lombardo Radice (Italy), together with those from the Italian Liceo Ginnasio Statale Q. Orazio Flacco about the work of Hercules the hero. In this thorough search around all areas of knowledge they have found references in artistic and pictorial representations (Zurbarán, Durero), French or Italian cinema (Le fatiche di Ercole), the environment (Sequoia in Canada) cartoons (Asterix), television, geography (The Pillars of Hercules), architecture (The Temple of Hercules in Agrigento), the Haendel opera, Elton John's music, Agatha Christie's literature, stamp collecting, sports and many other examples.


After all these findings, partners have shown all their creative artillery and have worked collaboratively to link text, images, photos, videos, comics, stamps, drawings and electronic links, as well as use a webquest, a wiki, a blog and the TwinSpace in order to create an attractive and comprehensive unit.

Unlike Hercules, students have shown an offensive attitude towards the project and have even attacked the hero, testing his strength and skills to solve the problems around them: how can we solve the recession, the lack of parking spaces, the accumulation of rubbish in the streets or reforestation after a fire? Hercules, who is faithful to his legend, has offered several solutions.


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Not only have they worked hard to find the Greek hero, but also they have organised the resulting documents and materials in a clear, visual, accessible and careful way. All these elements make Searching Twelve Labors to Hercules an original, fun and attractive project that you must watch and enjoy.

In connection with the vast production of materials, we must mention the use of ICT tools, including Scribd, Ivoox, Wikipedia, Slideshare, Google Maps, Bubbl, Pikistrips, Dipity, e-survey, xtimeline, Youtube, Flickr, Pixton, Comiqs, Mypodcast, Issuu, etc. A good example of how technologies can become integrated in the curriculum of any subject that has been awarded a National eTwinning Prize 2010.







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