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TRIANGLE, the perception of water in the Iberian Peninsula

2010  |  



Educational stage: Second cycle in Compulsory Secondary Education

Subject: Renewable Energies and the Environment

As a result of the eTwinning Meeting between Spanish and Portuguese teachers in Santiago de Compostela (January 2008), teachers Mauricio del Gallego, Marta Pey and Isabel Monteiro became partners. Thus, the Secondary Schools Llanera (Asturias), Jaume Callis (Cataluña) and Escola Secundária de Pinheiro e Rosa (Faro, Portugal) joined the project to deal with environmental issues in all three twinned areas. The title perfectly represents the type of collaboration between participants - solid, without any deformities, like the geometrical shape mentioned, and which, although it was short, has achieved incredible results.


The centre of gravity of this triangle-project is water, which is a recurrent issue and topic all over the country. Students have researched and presented several projects on consumption, saving, bottling, pollution, recycling and how the media deal with the scarcity of water and its consequences in the two neighbouring countries. The role of the guide taken on by teachers has allowed participants to become the protagonists of their learning and to develop various skills.  The methodology used and the topics developed have allowed to adapt the work to different subjects in each school: Spanish, Environmental Science and the Research Project.

ICTs have become the main characters in all this work, as they have enabled communication amongst participants from different schools, thus boosting cooperation and ensuring the creation of mixed materials. The global content of the project has been published in a blog. In addition to this, students have been in charge of other theme blogs connected with the different aspects of water.

It is a project about an important current topic, including interaction amongst partners, well planned and coordinated, and also perfectly integrated in the syllabus. It is an educational resource for the classroom in itself. The use of Spanish as a language to work in, added to the previously mentioned aspects, have made this project deserve the eTwinning European Award 2010 in the Spanish special category.

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