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Maths and Earth, the use of Maths in real life

2010  |  


Title:Maths and Earth

Educational stage: Compulsory Secondary Education

Subject: Maths / Science

Many are the applications of Maths in everyday life. This is the conclusion reached by students from IES Campos de San Roque, in Valverde de Leganés (Badajoz) and their Polish and French peers, who have discovered the connection between Maths and other subjects such as Geography, Physics or Art. Starting off from nine places in Europe named part of the Human Heritage by the Unesco, they have worked on Math syllabus contents such as coordinate systems, distances between two points, 2D constructions, inscribed circumference, circumscribed circumference, barycentre, trigonometry, etc. and they have also dealt with classical and attractive problems for students like The Traveller's Problem, How many colours do you need to colour a map in?, and The measurements of the Earth's circumference according to Eratosthenes.


The choice of places and the work with students from other European countries has enabled a better knowledge of these countries, and the development of linguistic competence and, above all, the use of ICT tools, have been - without a doubt - key to this project.

Teacher Juan Luis Salguero and his students, together with his Polish and French partners, have led some collaborative work with constant and fluent communication through TwinSpace, email, the Ning social network and Chat sessions on Skype. Out of the large variety of ICT tools used, we shall mention free software programmes: Google Earth to locate the places; GoogleDocs for file edition and exchange and GeoGebra or WIRIS, both of which are interactive geometry systems.

The project has been published on a website that is very well structured into topics and presented in a graphic and attractive way.

Maths and Earth is a project focusing on Maths with a clear interdisciplinary mission that allows us to get to know the European variety and cultural richness. The quality of this project has been acknowledged with the National eTwinning Award 2010.

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