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Interesting activities for kids in Colours of life: common story written by children

2010  |  

Title: Colours of life: common story written by children

Educational stage: Second cycle in Infant Education

 Subject: Interdisciplinary

 This project, where initially several infant schools from different countries were involved, including Spain, has been mainly developed by a school in Poland and another one in Malta. The objective is to develop the syllabus in this stage based on colour as the common element. Greens, browns, oranges, reds, whites, yellows… appear in the environment, the seasons, food, games, art, etc.


Visualising the objects made by the children is like visiting a kids' craftshop where artists enjoy transforming and modelling all kinds of materials: cards, plasticine, fruit, food, dry leafs, costumes, tights, music, postcards, paint,  etc. The results are some very creative products of an outstanding visual quality, which have really motivated the youngest ones. This is added to the sending of postcards which, even if it is quite a common activity at this stage, it causes great enthusiasm amongst kids.

The childrens' ages has not become an obstacle to make a varied use of ICT tools: video, Voki, Powerpoint, Google Earth, Elluminate, etc. Thanks to these resources, students from different schools have exchanged and shown their work, have communicated through videoconference and have carried out collaborative work: with the Sketchfu tool, they have created a story based on drawings where all students from all schools and countries have contributed with their ideas. Here it is:


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Some carefully planned work, a wiki organised into themes and the symbiosis amongst the project coordinators have made this work a usage manual in the Infant classroom, which was awarded in the 4-12 age category at the European eTwinning Awards 2010.


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