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Un, dos, tres... On tourne!

2014  |  

undostreson tourne

One, Two, Three ….. On Tourne! is an eTwinning Project. The Secondary School of Itaca in Tomares, Andalusia and the Voltaire School in Saint-Florent-sur-Cher, France have participated in this Project. The pupils from these schools have become active TV reporters on various TV programmes.







The Project highlights the excellent initial planning and coordination of the two coordinators. They have distributed the tasks fairly between the participating pupils. Their methodology has encouraged the pupils to work creatively and autonomously. The pupils have been the principal protagonists during the development of the Project. They have participated actively in the tasks of investigation, exchange of information/materials, comparison of materials and autoevaluation of the results.


Many activities were carried out in parallel in each educational centre. However, many pupils from different countries and centres worked together as a team. This encouraged the development of social and linguistic competences. The pupils communicated in French and Spanish in a real context. Information was shared; help requested; problems solved; opinions expressed; scripts written; recordings listened to; and questionnaires prepared all in French and Spanish depending on the context.


internet un dos tres

The contents of each TV programme coincide with the contents of units studied in the subject of Modern Foreign Languages. The first programme, “Are we the same?” offered information about physical characteristics, personality and hobbies. The second programme, “Que Aproveche!” (enjoy your meal) deals with cookery and vocabulary related to the way that we eat in different countries. In the third programme, “Internet and Us”, the pupils reflect on the advantages and disadvantages of Internet and social media.


The Project has given the pupils great opportunities to experiment with the new tools available in information technology. All the stage of script writing, recording, filming, editing videos has allowed the pupils to learn how to use digital tools, such as, MovieMaker and Imovie. In addition to this, pupils have used Animoto , Flixpress and Kizoa. The use of evaluation questionnaries online, such as, GoogleForm, Eval&Go and SurveyMonkey and walls for sharing comments, ideas, advice and opinions, such as, Paddlet have been valuable too.


evaluat un dos tres

The Twinspace  and the  project blog have helped to effectively organise the group activities. The design of these materials has helped the pupils to express themselves clearly.


One year together in eTwinning project


From the National Support Service for eTwinning we would like to congratulate all the teachers and pupils who have participated in this Project. The Project promotes teamwork and respect for social, cultural and linguistic diversity.




Source of images: The Project's TwinSpace.


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