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More Meaningful Math (MMM)

2015  |  

(MMM) is an eTwinning-Comenius project lasting two years in which the teacher Teresa Díaz Camino (IES Schamann school-Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) is participating in coordination with five other European partners. The fundamental objective is to motivate the students to study Maths by discovering their importance in real life.



It is a multidisciplinary project which integrates CLIL methodology with the participation of the areas of Mathematics, English, IT and Crafts. Topics like architecture, nature, the elements of the immediate environment or games of chance serve as the starting point for an intense project to investigate and solve mathematical problems.


The end products stand out for their variety and originality, are visually attractive and are of great pedagogical interest for the subjects involved. They can be found on the TwinSpace, the eTwinning work space and a blog created by the students.

In the words of the participating teachers, the project has had a great deal of impact on the school environment, especially in the development of basic competencies in the students and their commitment in exploring mathematics in an autonomous manner. The project has also contributed to improving team work skills in the teachers and students encouraging an interdisciplinary approach in the proposed activities.

Lastly we would like to point out the publicity given to the project in the written press, in informative sessions given to the parents during the Open Days (Bilingual Department), as an example of good practice in a CLIL meeting in the Autonomous Region of the Canary Isles, and in a workshop at the 2014 Annual eTwinning Conference in Rome. Furthermore, the project has been awarded a European 2015 eTwinning prize in the category of “English Language” sponsored by the British Council and a National 2015 eTwinning prize in Germany (Festo Didactic, Hannover).

presentacion mmm Conference Rome

From the NSS we congratulate the teachers and students who participated in the project for daring to experiment with new learning formats and strategies which make the task of learning an interesting and enjoyable adventure.

Links to the project:



 Source of the images: TS and blog of the More Meaningful Math (MMM) project.

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