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It is based on a previous eTwinning project, Zootopia, in which the protagonists are 12 animals in danger of extinction. In this new project these animals go on holiday to difference cities in Europe and end up getting lost. The students’ mission is to organize their rescue using the GRESCY agency. 




It is an attractive project which has motivated the creativity and active participation of the students with a great variety of activities (drawings, posters, questionnaires, collaborative stories, recipe books, calendar, etc.). The vehicular language for communication has been English. The project has used the management and communication tools on the TwinSpace as well as other applications and tools from web 2.0 like Slideshare, Animoto, Youtube, Skype, Cincopa,  Microsoft Autocollage, Moviemaker,  Survey Monkey and Youblisher.

The project is totally integrated in the primary school curricular subjects, especially Foreign Language, Natural Sciences and Arts and Crafts. We positively value the work methodology which efficiently integrates basic competencies. We are also talking about a participative work dynamic which is directed towards action and in which we could emphasize the constant interaction with the partners, excellent team work and a fair distribution of the tasks to be done.

We would like to underline two outstanding aspects of the project, on the one hand, the inclusion of sign language to encourage the integration and participation of students with special educational needs; and on the other, having known how to make the students aware of the need to protect animals in danger of extinction. The students have created a common calendar which they have sold in the school and with the profits obtained they have symbolically adopted a donkey in a centre for animal protection near to the school.

From the NSS we congratulate the CEIP Giner de los Ríos school for taking up the challenge of collaborative methodology in which they efficiently combine basic competencies and with the raising of awareness in the participating students. We encourage you to continue in this productive line of work in eTwinning.

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Source of the images: TwinSpace

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