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Nos encontramos en el camino - We'll meet on the road

2012  |  

Title: Nos encontramos en el camino - We'll meet on the road

Educational stage: compulsory secondary education and post-compulsory secondary education (16 to 18 years old) 

Subject: Interdisciplinary

Imagen_logo_caminoThree schools from Slovakia, France and Spain and a common objective, to cover the road to Santiago. But they didn't need rucksacks, nor boots, nor waterproofs, nor the pilgrim's credentials, but computers, an Internet connection, a good library, virtual maps and, above all, a lot of imagination, because their journey was virtual. 



The working areas, a wiki and a blog, which present the results of the eight months the project lasted and which have become real logs of the journey and small encyclopaedias about the Road, can be consulted by any future pilgrim. 

The Road to Santiago was the main thread and the pretext for these students to practise languages, carry out real research on the historical and cultural heritage and explore different ICT tools. In the wiki, a work space created just for them, these virtual pilgrims organized themselves in groups of different nationalities and shared out the stages of the European Road to Santiago. As is reflected in the pages of debate in the wiki, the teams had complete freedom to decide how they were going to discover the stage, what they wanted to research and the ICT tools which were most suitable for presenting their work in public, etc. They dealt with very varied topics: from the wealth of the historical and cultural heritage, to the traditional gastronomy, as well as practical topics for the journey like their accommodation, suitable clothing for the trip, the music they wanted to take with them on the road, means of transport, web sites that they could use to reserve accommodation, etc. At the same time they made comments in Spanish and French on the wiki, and in the blog on the publications by their companions in other teams. 

The final destination of these pilgrims' virtual journey was the city of Santiago de Compostela, the meeting place for all the pilgrims on the Road, the cultural wealth of which they researched publishing the results in an excellent Prezi:

To celebrate the end of their eTwinning adventure, an assessment video conference was organized, in which the students finally shared their impressions on the project in person. The teachers helped them to formulate their thoughts drawing up a conversation guide for each video conference, a guide which they could consult in the blog. PhotoPeach was the ICT tool used to record the meeting:

And from the virtual Road to the real one there was only a small step. At least this was the case for the Slovakian students. The project has also been awarded the National eTwinning Prize in that country, and after learning of the prize, the Slovakian teacher and her students organized a trip to Spain to finally meet their eTwinning friends at the IES Poio school. The meeting gave them the opportunity to practise Spanish in real situations and to carry out many activities together with their Galician friends both in the classroom and outside. And the most important thing is that they all covered the last stage of the Road to Santiago to Santiago de Compostela, finally living the pilgrim experience. Like authentic journalists, they saw in this visit to the city an excellent opportunity to get to know more about Spanish culture and they held several interviews with the inhabitants. They were even welcomed by the mayor of Santiago de Compostela, which was a very motivating experience for them. 

We will leave you with the advertisement that the students in this project made to promote the Road to Santiago. It is a fabulous promotion not only of the Road, but also of the eTwinning project. 

The most characteristic aspects of We met on the Road can be seen in the presentation shown at the 2012 National eTwinning Prize Giving: 

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Blog: http://pruebacamino1.blogspot.com.es/

Wiki: http://nosencontramosenelcamino.wikispaces.com/

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