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Unit 3. Registration and desktop.

In this unit we will see how to register in the eTwinning directory, as well as the use of a virtual platform called 'eTwinning desktop'.

The tutorials that are found here refer to the real platform. However, the practice one is identical. This platform, the Desktop, will allow us to carry out several tasks:

  • One of the objectives is to find teachers we can associate with, so we will be provided with search and communication tools with other European teachers.
  • Another function of the eTwinning desktop is managing our profile, that is to say, change those data we used when registering or add some new ones (our photo, a change of school, changes in the project expectations, etc.)
  • One last activity we would like to mention in the eTwinning Desktop is the chance to manage the projects we have registered in. We can access the data for each project we are working on, as well as other virtual platforms for each project.

Here are the documents you will find in this unit:

  1. Documents 3.a: Real option - Practice: Some useful guidelines about what option to choose.
  2. Documents 3.b: Registration: Detailed instructions about how to register in eTwinning.
  3. Documents 3.c: Desktop: Manual about how to use the desktop tools.
  4. Documents 3.d: Frequently Asked Questions: Answer to some questions that are usually posed about the registration process and how to use the desktop.
  5. Documents 3.e: Meeting colleagues, finding partners: Guidelines as to where and how to meet other partners and decide who can be the right partner for our project.

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