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Real option or practice

In this unit you must decide between two options to continue with the course. On the one hand, you can register in the real eTwinning platform ( o On the other, you can continue in the practice platform ( In the agenda you will find the different activities you have to do depending on the option.

Before deciding, there are some aspects you should bear in mind.

Changing options

Above all, you must know that you can change from the practice to the real option at any point in the course, or vice versa if your tutor believes you have enough time. Should you make this change, you would not have to do all the units you had passed again; you would only have to continue from the point where you left off with the other option, although some activities will probably have to be repeated due to operational reasons (for instance, registering or adding a contact in order to start the project).

Registration data

The practice platform is a copy of the real one and therefore offers the same functions and tools. However, when you register your data are not included the eTwinning database. You cannot look for partners or start real projects from there. Whenever you wish to do so, you will have to repeat the process in the real platform. 

If you choose the real option, you will become part of the eTwinning platform. Your registration will undergo the usual verification processes, so you must use your real data. If you do not know all the data at the time of registration, remember that you can then modify your profile and add them. If your County provides teachers with institutional email addresses, that is the address you should use.

Partner search

In the practice option you have to simulate an association with your tutor. This means that, once the activities marked in the diary have been completed, you can immediately start the project. On the other hand, if you have chosen the real option, you must bear in mind that searching for a partner and planning a common project can take some time. Regarding certain aspects, if you choose the real option, the periods and contents for some activities will also depend on your partner.


In the practice option, you must do the activities for units 4, 5 and 6 by yourself, although you can also get help and guidelines from your tutor. If you choose the real option, you must reach agreements with your partner, but he/she can also become a source of inspiration and help for the activities you must hand in: the project contents(Unit 4), the collaborative work activity (Unit 5) and the design of an activity page in the Twinspace (Unit 6).

Apart from this help from your partner, should you decide to begin a real association you will be counselled by the National Support Service and your tutor, which can become extremely useful and interesting for an initial eTwinning project.

What should you choose?

There is no better option; it depends on each person's objectives and circumstances. If you have doubts, check with your tutor. As a guideline, here are some factors that can help you to decide between one option and the other. You may coincide or at least feel more inclined to one of them.

For the real option
For the practice option
I was already registered in eTwinning, and I may even have my own contact list or may have started a project. I have no experience with this kind of project or ICTs. I do not feel confident yet in the use of basic tools such as email.
I have time to do activities regularly, including communication with my future partner, just following the course deadlines. For different reasons, I do not have enough time for the course and must start later, finish it before the set deadlines or I may not work on it regularly.
I have a clear idea of the project I want to carry out, its contents and objectives, even if I can negotiate this with my partner later. I have reached Unit 3 and do not know what topics I would like to deal with yet.
I like eTwinning and wish to do a project, whether it is now or once I have completed the training course. I am not fully convinced by the programme and still cannot see the advantages of incorporating an eTwinning project onto my teaching practice.

Of course, you can start by registering on the practice platform and then, decide whether to do the same on the actual one.

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