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FAQ - Projects management

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Tanto si eres nuevo en eTwinning, como si ya cuentas con experiencia en el programa, el siguiente documento puede servirte de gran ayuda para resolver cualquier duda:


What types of TwinSpace users are there?


There are five types of users which must be assigned when they are registered in TwinSpace, depending on the role they will play:

  • "Teacher administrator"
  • "Member teacher"
  • "Pupil administrator"
  • "Pupil member"
  • "Visitor"
These profiles may be modified at any time.
For more information, see:

What is the Project Diary?


The Project Diary is, basically, a way of communicating with the NSS. The objective is that the teachers write about the development and assessment of the activities and set out any doubts they have. The National Support Service goes through the entries, reads them and answers the doubts that appear, trying to help the teachers to put their ideas into practice. When the project has finished, the Project Diary can constitute a magnificent document on which to base the final assessment of the project if desired.


How and when can I enter a project for a Quality Label?


Sello3You can apply for a Quality Label at any time during the year. You must bear in mind that it is not only the idea for the project which is evaluated but also the results obtained, so that it is advisable to apply for the Quality Label when the project is finished or in its last stages. If the Quality Label is not granted, you can apply again.

You can find the evaluation criteria used by the NSS  here.

To send an application for a Quality Label to the National Support Service, you will find an option for requesting the Quality Label for each of your projects in the tab  My projects on your desktop. This links to an application form which, once filled in, will be sent to the evaluators.



What is the difference between the eTwinning Desktop and TwinSpace?


The eTwinning desktop is the home page which appears once your user name and password have been typed into the NSS and/or CSS web pages. From there you can modify your own and your school profile, look for partners to twin with, receive and send e-mails, register for "On-line pedagogical encounters" or eTwinning groups and access the resources library

If you are working in a project, the desktop is the place from which you enter the project Diary, request the Quality Label, access Twinspace, manage the partners or close and reopen the project.


Twinspace is a virtual space created for you and your partner once your project has been approved. It is a working platform from which you can communicate with other members of your Twinspace  (Chat, Forum, Mail box, Agenda) and develop and publish the activities involved in the project. If invited, pupils can access Twinspace so that they can manage their own activities.



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