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Obra de arte real e imaginaria (A Real and Imaginary Work of Art)

2015  |  

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A Real or Imaginary Work of Art is an original and imaginative eTwinning Project coordinated by Amparo Primo from the Escuela de Arte de Teruel (a School of Art) and Angel Pulgarín from the  Liceo Statale "F. Capece". Pupils from both centres have participated in the Project.





The Project has two phases. In the first phase, the teachers appealed to the pupils' investigative nature and asked them to work collaboratively. The idea was that the pupils created incomplete informative cards giving information about their province and city. Through reference to Internet sites and libraries, a team of teachers had to find out which area of the city the informative card was referring to.

In the second phase of the Project, the objective was more complicated. Taking an imaginary work of art, which was the idea of a group of pupils, as a starting point. A second group of pupils developed a real work of art. The format of this work of art could be anything, for example, a drawing, a painting, a model, a digital audio file or a meal. Each pupil was free to select the format of their work of art which they proposed through an imaginary and informative card. The pupils had the option to work collaboratively in a group from their centre or with pupils from the other participating centre. Finally, the material that they created was exchanged with the group that made the initial proposal.


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The Project was integrated into the subject of Information Technology and Communication. Although the main focus of the work was multidisciplinary because it included contents associated with Art and Design, Drawing, Literature and Social Sciences.

The pupils communicated by emails and TwinSpace. All the materials generated have been stored and shared on wikispaces. The materials were uploaded by the participating educational centres. This interchange and sharing of materials and the collaboration between pupils has been a valuable and positve factor for everyone involved in the development of this Project.

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Another factor worthy of mention is the space dedicated to the diffusion of the materials generated. The compilation of materials from all subject areas has been gathered together and can be seen by others who do not form a part of the participating educational centres.











We would like to highlight the effective planning and coordination between the participating centres and countries. The teachers have been able to motivate the pupils, inspire them and impress upon them the value of teamwork.


Source of images: The TwinSpace and Wikispaces of the A Real or Imaginary Work of Art Project.

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