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Anotaciones a un bosque

2014  |  

Logo anotaciones bosque2Anotaciones a un bosque (Notes to The Woods) is an eTwinning-Comenius project coordinated by Alicia López Palomera (Salvador Gadea Secondary School in Aldaia, Valencia) together with her associates in Italy and Rumania.





The Project involves journeys to European schools situated in places of natural interest, such as, woodland areas, Mediterranean regions and mountainous and temperate areas.

postales anotaciones bosque

The associate schools start their investigation by looking for trees to study as a resource for life, and as inspiration for stories, legends and music. As a result of their journeys through the woods, the pupils produce a travel journal which they illustrate with notes, sketches, photographs, maps of pathways and personal impressions. Click on the image on the left in order to see their postcards.



One of the most remarkable aspects of this Project is its multidisciplinary character which has successfully integrated various school subjects with the extra-curricular activities of the participating centres and made it possible for pupils of distinct ages and levels to collaborate closely.

ver sentir bosque

Diverse contents, such as: the life of the woods and its ecosystems; its appearance in the literary and artistic world; its integration into the school curriculum through Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) projects encourage pupils to use foreign languages in a real context in order to share information about aspects of their environment and to compare these aspects to those of other centres and countries.





The Project shows clear planning and an organised presentation of the results. All relevant documents are visualised in an almost chronological order. Without a doubt, the physical mobilty of the pupils and teachers has contributed positively to the successful coordination of the Project.



We wish to highlight the active participation of the pupils in the proposed tasks who created materials based on their individual reflections and shared outcomes. In this sense, the Project gave them an opportunity to experience what it means to be a member of a community and the numerous benefits of forming part of a team.

pagina anotaciones bosque

The Project has been developed in l TwinSpace and in the Project Diary. 

All the activities and movements completed can be consulted in the section Anotaciones a un Bosque on the webpage of the school.








From the National Support Service for eTwinning (SNA) we congratulate the teachers and pupils for their participation in this Project that promotes the European dimension, creativity, human collaboration and we celebrate the excellence of work completed in teams.




Source of images: TwinSpace and the webpage of the Project.


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