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logotarapHere is the project entitled TARAP ( Take a role and Play) which is being developed by the teacher Juan F. Peñas Viso from the CPEIP San Babil school in collaboration with schools from the United Kingdom and Poland, as well as the participation of two teachers from Chile and their respective students. 





The aim of the project is for the participating pupils from 8 to 12 to plan and act short plays which they will then video and upload to the Internet to share them with their partners and the rest of the school community. This is an original curricular proposal with clear initial planning which involves the areas of Environmental Knowledge, Education in the Arts, Geography, Spanish Language and Literature and Theatre.

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Getting to know and geographically locate the places they are twinned with and make contact with the partners complement the specific objectives of the project such as becoming familiar with stage elements, writing texts, designing scenery and costumes and experimenting with and choosing the most suitable tools for making the video and uploading it to the Internet.


Several activities have been covered to date including the making of a motivational video on the part of the participating teachers, several videos introducing individuals and groups of students and graphic documents giving information on the localities of the partners' schools. 


Over Christmas the pupils have been able to perform, for the first time, some short plays and over the last few months we have been witnessing the development of more ambitious projects guided by the  'we write - you act' principle in which the pupils collaboratively respresent the plays written by their partners.

imagen 3 tarapIn the third quarter, using the 'we start - you continue'  technique, the pupils have to take up and continue writing a play started by their partners, study the scenic elements used, scenery and costumes, act once more on stage and disseminate the material, for which they must learn to use video and audio editing programmes and study the most suitable digital support to upload it to the Internet. This is without doubt a complete and motivating proposal which challenges not only the pupils' interpretative skills but also their capacity to face new demands and resolve them with ample room for creativity. The eTwinning National Support Service congratulates the participating teachers for this type of proposals which skillfully combine learning autonomy, enjoyment and imagination.    


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