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Treasure Island is a twinning project between Infant and Primary Schools in different cities located in European islands. The teachers involved are Cecilia Cantizano Mariscal (CEIP San José Artesano school) and Cathaisa Jiménez Marrero (CEIP La Angostura school), and both schools are in the Canary Islands. They are working with another eleven partners from the United Kingdom, Italy, Greece, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Lithuania and France.





The objective of the project is to make pupils search for the ‘natural treasures’ in each area, learn to appreciate them and develop certain learning skills, as well as respectful attitudes towards nature that will become a part of them. The project focuses on the fact that living beings need water, and it does so through several interdisciplinary activities. Obviously, the theme chosen for the development of the project and the methodology of learning by making and discovering provide an ideal context for significant learning and also motivate pupils.



Pupils research about sea life and also about life in their surroundings; they learn to supervise water usage in each school, they compare results and analyse practices for responsible consumption and sustainable development.




Communication with partners takes place via videoconferences using the Flashmeeting tool, which allows pupils to practice conversation and listening skills in a practical and efficient way. Reading skills are also an important part of the project, as there is a contest between the participating countries to do with the reading of texts about sea life. The Spanish partner has led an outstanding campaign to encourage reading. In general, pupils have participated actively and the results can be seen in attractive crafts, audiovisual presentations and web contents. 




One of the most significant benefits of the project is the fact that it exposes pupils to the reality of European linguistic diversity, which is an incredible motivation for them to learn a foreign language. This linguistic exposure, added to the knowledge of cultural aspects, becomes an efficient contribution towards the breaking of barriers between communities and the fostering of mutual understanding. Moreover, the project helps trigger environmental awareness, making pupils notice the changes in their natural surroundings and promote sustainable development practices.





Visit the project TwinSpace on this link.




Image source: Treasure Island project. Foter drop of water logo; Author:Vivianaa1



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