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Title of the Project: Eurorecycling

Project Coordinator: Joserra Jiménez

Centre: Lucas Rey-Matías Landaburu (The Basque Country)

Category: a multidisciplinary team from the centre

Link to the Project Materials: TwinSpace



Eurorecycling is a project which focuses on the study of the consumption of water; the recycling of materials; and the use of renewable energy. The project involves primary school pupils from four European countries. The aim of this project is to raise the pupils' awareness of the responsible use of energy and the benefits of recycling.

recycling paper eurorecycling

The project has been developed in a cross-curricular way across many different subject areas. All of the educational community has made a contribution in order to show that recycling is important in all parts of the centre. The results of the project have been shared using the pres and the radio. The Mayor visited the centre and this helped to spread the word and generate interest in the project. A record of all these contacts is recorded on TwinSpace.

Finally, there was an evaluation of the Eurorecycling Project in all the participating countries by the pupils and the teachers. Joserra Jiménez, the Coordinator of the Project in the Spanish centre, describes the development of the Eurorecycling Project and its benefits:

Four different schools in four different countries have participated in the Eurorecycling Project.  The participating centres are: C.E.I.P. “Lucas Rey” (Amurrio-Spain), Ano Syros Primary School (Syros-Greece), Szkola Podstawowa nr11 (Inowroclaw-Poland) and Istituto PIO XI (Rome-Italy).

The teachers of the project started to plan the project in August although it began in September. Teaching staff organised themselves and planned the activities. The different pages and activities were equally distributed between the participating centres.

Right from the beginning of the project we gave ourselves clear objectives. On the one hand, we wanted the majority of the tasks to be included in the curriculum of each of the participating centres. In addition, we wanted the project to transend the classroom and to involve the whole of the educational community and extend to the city / town.

Checking water polution

As regards the participation of the educational community, we feel very pleased with the results. It pleased us that fathers, mothers, the cooks of the school, the management teams and all the teachers from the infants school to the primary school have collaborated with us.

padre de alumno dando una charla en el aula

The project has allowed pupils to make visits and excursions to centres which are related to the recycling in their area. Finally, the conclusions that the children have drawn from the

Eurorecycling Project have been submitted to the Mayoress of the area so that the local authority can take measures to improve the practice of recycling.


During the project, the pupils participated in individual activities and parallel activities too. Many activities have involved the collaboration of one group of pupils with another group from a different country. This has been possible thanks to the use of communication technology. We would like to hightlight some of the devices / applications used: Voicethread, Penzu, Goanimate, Padlet y Google Drive used as a collaborative writing tool. In addition, the pupils have used TwinSpace and the wall of the platform to exchange information and to communicate.

We would like to emphasise the fact that we have evaluated the results of the project twice. Firstly, both teachers and pupils have evaluated the planning stage including the project's structure, the learning activities and the use of information technology etc. This is an important factor for future projects and future evaluations. In addition, an evaluation was made of exactly what has been learnt about recycling during the project.

Experimento con agua

The pupils and their parents are very pleased with the development of the project. All the project from its development, objectives, achievements to its final evaluation and conclusion is summarised in an article published by an Italian pupil on the project's webpage:


Although it's written in Italian, it's well worth a read.



Source of Images: TwinSpace of the Eurorecycling Project.


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