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Visit the European cultural heritage with Like a bird

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Title: Like a bird 

Educational stage: Third stage in Primary Education and first stage in Compulsory Secondary Education.
Subject: Interdisciplinary


With the initial aim of boosting in students the feeling of belonging to a larger group than just their school or country, partners Cristina Grau (Spain) and Celina Miszdzyk (Poland) suggested their idea for this project. 11 schools from 7 different countries have taken part, including two Spanish schools, The Ramon Macip - Dolors Granés Infant and Primary Education Centre and the Eduard Fontseré Secondary School. This collaboration also reflects the intention to integrate in the same project two educational stages that are usually very far apart, like Primary Education and Compulsory Secondary Education.


The work has mainly focused on an activity that has allowed students to get to know most of the European cultural heritage. Collaboration has been an essential aspect, and it is reflected in the final products: presentations of monuments from the different participating countries made with images from  one school, information gathered by another and models made by a third one. Acknowledgments must be awarded to students' creativity, more so if we bear in mind that they have decided by themselves what to use and how to do it, with a teacher as a mediator.


Along the same lines, other activities have been carried out, such as the study of different elements (time, distance, petrol, etc.) regarding an imaginary trip around the European cities shown in this project; these contents have made the project interdisciplinary.

The use of several ICTs has been key all throughout the process and essential for communication amongst participants and the publishing of results. In order to do so, we have used not only the TwinSpace tools, but also Skype, blogs, Moodle, etc. Thus, the quality of work and its adequate presentation have caught the interest of parents, teachers and students, and has even gone beyond the schools.

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Like a bird has an excellent planning behind its development, it continues to be perfectly organised and it ends with a visit where students from both Spanish schools have met and enjoyed various experiences. Now, thanks to the eTwinning National Award 2010, they will be able to travel to meet one of their European partners.


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