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Double-e: e-magazine on European issues, the most European digital magazine

2010  |  

Title: Double-e: e-magazine on European issues

Educational stage: Compulsory Secondary Education

Subject: Interdisciplinary

The project carried out by students at IES Aguas Vivas (Guadalajara) - which were coordinated by teacher Helena Fernández - and her Romanian and Danish partners is a reflection of real collaborative work and of a useful and interesting use of ICTs. It promotes the knowledge of other cultures and the creation of a European awareness.


As the project lasted three academic years, the work was divided into several stages, always with the aim of creating a digital magazine about European affairs.

Throughout the entire process, the use of ICTs has been essential. Students, who have been distributed into five groups, have used Webquests to search for and research on several cross-curricular topics that have later been discussed and shared in the TwinSpace platform. Once all the information had been gathered, students became journalists and used the Joomla! content manager, and they also created the Double-e magazine, which has been published in several editions. Aspects like immigration, healthy eating habits, recycling and energy saving, consumption, animal protection, etc., are treated through articles, events, photos, videos, interviews with various celebrities and pasttimes. In some cases, students have recorded videos showing and giving examples of different aspects. An example of this is a campaign promoting the importance of healthy eating amongst young people:

This other video is a very creative reflection of the negeative effects of the domestication of plants and animals on the environment:

Another activity to be mentioned is “The Big Quiz”, a questionnaire on the different contents, which is included in each edition of the magazine.

The promotion of the project, which starts with the digital edition of the magazine, is later expanded with the distribution of its printed version amongst Teacher Training Centres in the region and secondary schools in the province. In addition to this, the presentation of the project at different seminars and events about ICTs in education and the publishing of an article in a regional magazine are a good example of the excellent work carried out by all three schools, teachers and students. This is also confirmed by the awards the project has received in the “Made for Europe” and “European Charlemagne Youth Prize” summons. The experience resulting from this project was selected as a model for a “Study of innovative educational practice through the use of information and communication technologies”.


Digital magazine 


Public TwinSpace (former TwinSpace platform)

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