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Learn about all the current European news with Into news!

2010  |  

Title: Into news!

Educational stage: Second cycle in Compulsory Secondary Education

Subject: Interdisciplinary

The “EU-topical” digital newspaper launched its first edition on October 1st, 2008 and was followed by another four. Those in charge of its creation were 4th-year students at IES Marina Cebrián school, in La Laguna (Tenerife), together with students from schools in the United Kingdom, Poland, Germany and Slovenia. The Spanish students, which were coordinated by teacher Mª del Carmen Rodríguez, have become real journalists by using information and documents, giving opinions, opening discussions, etc. And all this is done to promote aspects of the culture of each participating country through the topics dealt with in each issue of the newspaper.


Cinema, music, festivities, history, culture, politics… which are the similarities and differences between countries? And between schools? The search for the materials required to find out has increased the students' motivation to research, as they have had to communicate with their partners to share all their ideas. Each of the topics mentioned in the newsletter has been planned and discussed by all participants in the project. This task has been made easier by a constant use of ICTs: from the use of TwinSpace tools to a videoconference using Flasmeeting, including the use of chats, wikipages and many resources to edit each newsletter.


Without a doubt, the project reflects a European dimension, which has reached the entire educational community, the students' families and the local media. Such promotion has been achieved thanks to the website, where the project results have been published. Here you can find single articles, activities, presentations, photos, videos, etc. It also offers the five editions of “EU-topical” in PDF format, which are presented in a fresh and young fashion and where the great colour and dynamism of the pages does not hinder the quality of the information.

This project was one of the eTwinning National Awards 2010 winners.


Project website

IES Marina Cebrián website

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