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Promotion of children's art, Grandi quadri e piccoli pittori, Great pictures, little artists

2010  |  

Title: Grandi quadri e piccoli pittori, Great pictures, little artists

Educational stage: Second cycle in Infant Education

Subject: Artistic and Visual Education

This project is a model to approach ICTs and the European dimension at a stage - Infant Education - when it is less frequent to do activities developing these aspects. This way, painting and literature are integrated with other contents of the cycle through various activities where the development of students' creativity plays an important role. The work is done in each of the three second-cycle groups in Infant Education in two schools, the Tremañes State School (Spain) and la Scuola dell''infanzia F.lli Cervi, Noverasco Opera School (Italy).



The first activity, where the pupils introduce themselves, shows the originality of the project. This way, and always using games as a basis, in each class they have had to guess which child was behind a face covered with their hands, a traced portrait or a deformed photo. Thanks to this activity and in spite of their age, the pupils could recognise their partners, their faces and their names.

The rest of the work dealt with the sampling and reproduction on behalf of the youngest kids of different artistic styles, based on the selection of a group of six Spanish and Italian painters. The work resulting from this project has been admired by teachers and families, who have been informed at all times of the activities done and have also had access to their publication. Thanks to this, you can see the results too.

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The perfect organisation of TwinSpace, the translation of each material into both languages (Spanish and Italian), added to the results achieved, prove the great levels of communication and collaboration amongst the six participating teachers. Their work is the result of the twinning of two schools which has been going on for 5 years and we hope will continue to contribute to the growth of the eTwinning action.

Lastly, while preserving the participating, collaborating and creative methodology that is so common in Infant Education, this project comes as a model of how to participate in eTwinning with pupils of this age and has been awarded the National eTwinning Prize 2010.



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