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How to include an image in an entry of the Twinspace Blog

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Like including an image in a message in the Forum, doing it in a blog entry is easier if the image has already been uploaded to the Twinspace. That is why we have started this minitutorial by explaining the uploading process into the Image Gallery.


a)  Add an Image Gallery into Twinspace:


b) Add a folder where you will save the images:


c) Open the folder


d) Click on add image:


e) Click on search:


f) Once the file has been selected, click on upload files:


And this would be the result:


Right click on the image and then copy the image route. Although it may not seem like the system is doing anything, we will have actually placed the image route in the clipboard (the address of its location) so we can paste it wherever we like


Let’s see how the image is included into a Blog entry.

1.- Select the Activity page you want to work on. In this case, it is Test 2.


2.- Click on the editor icon as shown in the image above. You will see this window:


We must now give the address to the image. Now is the time to PASTE the route we used in section 0.e, at the beginning of the document.
We can now see the route chosen. We can also add some properties (width, height, border…).
Click OK
3.- The editor will look like this:


4.- Click on Save and the blog entry will look like this:


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