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How to include an image in a forum message of the Twinspace

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It may seem like a complex task, but once you have done it a couple of times, it will be very easy.

0.- Before you start the process, the image must be in a folder in TwinSpace; if we did not have it there, this would be the way to upload it:




a) Add an Image Gallery to TwinSpace:


b) Add a folder to save the images:


c) Open the folder:


d) Click on Add Image:


e) Click on Search:


f) Once the file has been chosen, click on Upload Files:


And this would be the result:


Right-click on the image and then copy the image route. Even though it may seem that the system is not doing anything, we have actually placed the image route on the clipboard (the address to where it is located) so we can paste it wherever we like.


Let's see how we can include the image in the Forum.

1.- Choose the Activity page you want to work on. In this case, it is Test 2.


2.- Choose the Forum and the corresponding discussion. For instance, in this case we have chosen “Newspaper articles”, so we shall click on Newspaper Newspaper articles to open it.


3.- You will see this window:


4.- Click on New discussion. The editor shows the Upload image option in the area marked in red.


5.- You will see this window:



When we paste the route, we will see that the http:// code appears twice; it appears once by default in the window to insert the image address and then it appears again included in the image route. Before you continue, you must make sure that the address only includes one http://. This is what you will see:



6.- Click on Accept and the editor will look like this:


Although it may look like an error, it is not, it is actually the code for the image we want to insert.

7.- Lastly, click on Save and this will be the result:


8.- Text and image can be modified.

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