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Since the launch of the Erasmus+ programme in January 2014, there have been many questions we have received on various aspects of eTwinning and Erasmus +. In some, a certain confusion has been observed in users in assigning features of one action to the other and vice versa. Although they are related initiatives (eTwinning is part of Erasmus+, Erasmus+ Programme guide ), they have different features.


 eTwinning was launched in January 2005 and was initially part of the eLearning programme. Later it was integrated into the Comenius program as an accompanying measure, it was action 10 [COM10]. Within the structure of the Erasmus+ programme, eTwinning is currently located in Key Action 2 (KA2): cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices.

Furthermore, the Erasmus+ Programme guide refers to the eTwinning National Support Service as one of the organizations involved in implementing the programme.

In the table below, we outline some distinguishing details of eTwinning and other Erasmus + actions, which far from separating them, actually generate interactions that enrich and complement them

En la tabla que mostramos aquí abajo, desgranamos algunos detalles diferenciadores de  eTwinning y otras  acciones Erasmus+, que lejos de separarlas, generan precisamente interacciones que las enriquecen y las complementan.



Other Erasmus+ actions


Body responsible


(Spanish Service for Internationalization of Education)


(National Support Service)


Management type


Coordinated in Spain by the SEPIE



Coordinated in Europe by the Central Support Service, and in Spain, by the National Support Service (SNA, MECD)



c/Gustavo Fernández Balbuena,13

28002 -Madrid


c/Torrelaguna, 58




This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Phone Number: (+34) 915506718

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Phone Number: (+34) 913778377



European dimension

Mobility and Cooperation between institutions for innovation and exchange of good practices

European dimension

Digital competence

Collaborative work through ICTs 



Actions organized in three blocks known as Key Actions.

Key Action 1 (KA1)

Key Action 2 (KA2)

Key Action 3 (KA3)



eTwinning is part of Key Action 2 (KA2): Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices. Strategic school partnerships.

eTwinning is more than school projects





Mobility of teacher partners and pupils in school partnerships

It’s possible


Work area

They encompass all education, training, youth and sport  initiatives

 Education Initiatives

Educational Levels


They cover all levels: school, vocational training, higher education and adult education, and other institutions related to the education and employment world

It covers non-university educational levels

Number of partners in a project or school partnership


Minimum: three partners from two different countries

Two partners in the case of partnerships solely between schools and  regions.


Minimum: two founding partners from  two different countries.

Project partnership application

According to the annual announcement published by the SEPIE 2015 Announcement


Online. From the Personal Desktop of the teaching staff, PROJECTS tab

Application date

According to the annual announcement published by the SEPIE 2015 Announcement


No date. Throughout the year

Project duration

2 or 3 years. (Can be extended))

There is no limit, although it is recommended as "no more than 2 school years”.

Who applies to participate

Consult eligible institutions in each sector in 2015 Announcement

A teacher

Approval of the project or school partnership

The project is selected and funded or otherwise under the criteria established in the annual announcement.



Project approval depends solely on the checking and validation of details and ensuring that the objectives and content correspond to teaching practice.


Support, help and advice to teachers

Through email


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Check emails for each sector at the website.

Twitter: @sepiegob

Sepie national portal :



Through email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Twitter: @eTwinning_es

National Portal

eTwinning European Portal

Facebook: eTwinning España

Through the project cards 




Evaluation and report




Progress and final reports.


Online application*

Voluntary report

* A project is evaluated if the teacher requests the Quality Label or Award.

If the teacher asks for recognition in credits/hours of training/innovation, the project is evaluated by the competent educational authorities in the corresponding Autonomous Community.


Training credits, established in Official State Gazette

Evaluation Fair



According to each Autonomous Community

National Awards

European Awards 


Evaluation Fair


Dissemination  platform



National Portal

European Portal




As stated in the official Erasmus+ Programme guide document, eTwinning is the virtual platform recommended for school partnerships because:


. It facilitates and enables the search for potential project partners or school partnerships prior to application in order to improve the quality and impact of future projects. The eTwinning Desktop offers the "Partner Search Engine" and forums, one of them specifically to search for partners for Erasmus+.


. It offers a unique virtual space for each project with communication and collaboration tools.


An eTwinning project and an Erasmus+ school partnership complement one another. Communication tools and the collaborative space that eTwinning offers are excellent tools to plan and discuss all aspects of a school partnership, to carry out activities that use technological support, share documents and information concerning each country and show the results, and even to continue the contact between partners once the partnership has ended.


Source of images: SNA eTwinning.


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