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10 Simple Tips: How to Speak in Public

2014  |  

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If you are going to share your ideas or give a training session about eTwinning or if it is necessary to speak to a large group of people. Here are some simple tips to bear in mind:







1  Direct your speech to all of the public.

 Change your position or even move freely amongst your audience.

2  Use your voice effectively in order to highlight the most important parts in your speech and to generate more interest and enthusiasm.

Do exercises to prepare your voice before starting. Use a variety of tones of voice in order to avoid monotony. This will allow you to show your energy and enthusiasm.

3 Practice your presentations several times introducing a change or improvement every time that you repeat it.

By practising, you will be able to arrive at a definitive version of your speech which best adapts to your delivery style.

4 Present your speech to a small audience of friends, workmates or family.

Watch their reactions and this in turn will help you to remember the content of your discourse. You could gain some valuable advice and feedback.

5 Don't base your presentation on statistics or quantities.

Tell stories and make a lasting impression on your audience.


6 Be flexible with the content of your presentation.

Allow your ideas to enrich your presentation. Take risks with new and daring themes and pose interesting questions.

7 Don't try to seem perfect.

If you commit an error or if you have a doubt, admit it openly. This will make your message more believable.

8  Be natural. Act as you do in normal everyday life.

The audience will enjoy to hear what you have to say. Try not to seem serious, formal or aloof but also try not to be over familiar with your audience.

9 Don't rush through your presentation.

Take time to organise your key ideas. Present your ideas in the most convincing and easily understandable way you can in order to cause an impact.

10 Don't exceed the allotted time for your presentation.

If you take more time than the time that you have been allotted, you are taking time     from other speakers. Don't use more than one slide per minute and allow time for  questions. If there are no questions, use the remaining time for a final summary.

And, finally, allow yourself time to interact with your audience.


Source of images: The National Support Service for eTwinning.


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