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FAQ - Projects management

How do I know that the eTwinning project has been approved?


You will receive a notification in the module My notifications on your eTwinning desktop. In the same way, when you access My projects on your desktop, you will see that there is a new Twinspace available with the name of the project. This will mean that it has already been approved and you can start work.


I registered an eTwinning project some time ago and I still have not had an answer.


If there is no problem during the process, a project can be approved in a few days. If this does not happen, three things could have happened:

1. Your partner has still not approved your project proposal.  To do so, they must go into their eTwinning Desktop. In the module My notifications they will find a message to approve or reject the project. Until they do so, the eTwinning project will not reach the National Support Service and therefore cannot be processed. When your partner approves the project, you will receive a notification on your desktop.

2. The Spanish National Support Service still has not approved your project. Once the project has been approved by the partners, the NSS informs the corresponding Autonomous Community which, in turn, contacts the direction of the school so that it gives its consent to participate. When all these steps have been taken, the project can be approved. Consult with the direction of your school, your autonomic eTwinning representative (see Contact) or, finally with the NSS. If the School contact details that appear on the profile are wrong, you should modify them and contact your autonomic eTwinning representative to transmit the correct information..

3. The National Support Service for your partner still has not approved the project. If after a reasonable time this situation does not change you should suggest to your partner that they contact their NSS.


A school has proposed a project for me, how do I accept it?


When you enter your eTwinning desktop you will find a message in the My notifications module. You just have to click on  Accept. It is advisable to only accept to participate in projects with partners who you have had previous contact with and with whom you have agreed the contents and objectives of the project.


Do the teachers in the same project have to belong to the same subject or area?


No not at all. There are different modalities of possible eTwinning cooperative projects. The flexibility of eTwinning also permits a wide range of possibilities, both in the subjects and areas worked on and in the people participating. So we can find projects which involve just one area or subject, several, the whole study programme, cross curricular topics, or also other aspects of school life, like library organization, school organization, etc.

The profiles of the participants are also varied. Among other combinations there are:

  • Teachers and groups of students
  • Groups of teachers
  • Management teams, advisors, library officers
For more information, click here.

Can more than two schools participate in the same eTwinning project?


Yes. Two or more schools can participate in the same project with the only condition that the founding partners are from different countries.


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