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FAQ - Projects management

I am registered, What do I have to do to create an eTwinning project?

To register a project you need to have the corresponding teacher added in My contacts.

Once this is done, you can start the project.

Click on Projects

and then:

You will see your contact list. Next to the name, in the Actions column, there is a box to tick the contact you want to do the project with. Remember that in order to start a project you can only choose one contact. Should you wish to get more participants involved, you must wait for the project to be approved and then add them as 'added members'.


Click on Next at the top of the screen and a form will open up to insert all project data:


Once you have filled in all the fields, click on Next Step and you will see all the data added. The form gives you the possibility of Changing or Sending. Once you have clicked Submit the project is registered and waiting for your partner to accept it. Once the project has been approved, these fields can still be modified, which will allow you to revise it as it develops.

Your partner will receive a message on his/her desktop asking him/her to accept the invitation. If your partner has sent the offer, then you will be receiving this notice. In any case, once the project has been approved, you can both add new partners and modify the initial data.


Image:Aceptar rechazar proyecto buena.png



Once this has been done, a notice will be sent to the eTwinning National Support Service and your County, who will approve it. Once it has been completed, you can start working.


How can I modify a participant's profile?


First of all, bear in mind that each teacher has two independent profiles: one in the Desktop and one in TwinSpace. Both founder members automatically become "Managers" in the Desktop and "Teacher-managers" in TwinSpace.

When a new partner is added, the default profiles assigned are "Manager" (for the Desktop) and "Teacher-manager" (for the TwinSpace). In order to know how these profiles can be changed, go to:


Do students have to access using my password?


Not necessarily, and it is not actually a good idea. In the TwinSpace Members window that you can find in the TwinSpace homepage, you will see a link to invite students. You must insert their names and surnames and they will be given a username and password, as well as the possibility to be assigned two kinds of roles: "Student-manager" or "Student-member." Unlike when we register users with the teacher or registered guest roles, no email is sent to new users. Therefore, it is advisable to write down the user's name and each student's password to make sure we do not forget (or you can also take a screen shot with the list of users and passwords and save it as an image file).




How to register into Twinspace students that are already registered in another project?


You have to use the same username and password. The system will inform you that the student has been previously registered and it will ask you to accept or reject. If you click on accept, when the student is logged, he will be able to read the name of the projects to which he belongs and he can decide to work in one or in another.


When my partner changes schools and his or her replacement wants to carry on with the twinning...


What should I do if my partner changes schools and his or her replacement wants to carry on with the twinning?

There are several options. The most direct one is to close the project in progress and start a new one. The same name of the project can be kept and you can upload the files from the previous one to the new TwinSpace. 

If a lot of work has already been done, you may prefer not to start a new project. In this case, there are several options. First of all, you have to add the new teacher as an annexed partner to the project and give them the profile of “Administrator” in the desktop and “Teacher-administrator” in the TwinSpace. If the partner who left the project was not a founding partner, they can be deleted from the project, so that they will stop appearing as a participant. If they were a founding partner, this option is not possible, although they can be deleted as a member of the TwinSpace.


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