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FAQ - General topics

Recognition of participation in eTwinning projects




If you are participating in an eTwinning project, it comes to an end and you think the objectives have been achieved, ask the appropriate educational authorities to recognize that participation in hours or credits.






Teacher rooms



The teachers rooms are made up of a forum and a chat and are created by the eTwinners themselves to discuss specific topics over a short period of time, which can vary from two to six weeks. The teacher who opens the room is the one who administrates it, starts up the topic and decides on how long it will be open. Although all the rooms can be seen by all eTwinners, you have to be invited to contribute to them, in the case that they are restricted and not public. The room will be visible for a month after it has closed.

The topics dealt with are very varied: the new desktop, vocational training, teaching/learning on the mobile phone …

If you want to know more, visit our tutorial



eTwinning groups



eTwinning groups are platforms for discussing a specific topic, as well as exchanging experience of good practice and sharing material. As well as the groups which study more general questions, like creativity in the classroom or use of the media, there are groups aimed at specific sectors of the educational community, like head masters and head mistresses or school librarians,   or related to a subject or group of subjects: Humanities, Mathematics and Sciences, etc. The teachers registered for the platform can request their registration in the groups that interest them, which up to now have been created by the central and national support services.

There are currently eight groups with between twenty and more than one hundred members, and it has been announced that there will soon be another five, with room for subgroups on specific topics.

If you want to know more about eTwinning groups visit our tutorial.


Can the National Service help me to find a partner?


buscar_socioNot as a general rule. Due to the huge number of participants, it is impossible for the NSS to find partners for all those teachers who request them. It is advisable to try to do so by using tools such as the forum or the partner search. If the profile we are searching for is not very common and is very specific, then the NSS may find something.

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How does TwinSpace work?



You will find guides, tutorials and videotutorials about the use of TwinSpace at the following links:

- http://www.etwinning.es/curso/index.php/Unidad_5

- http://www.etwinning.es/curso/index.php/Unidad_6


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