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Booky’s Books for you is a project to motivate reading in students from 10 to 12 in primary school. The project is coordinated by the teacher Maite Elejalde (CEP Virgen de la Guía, Portugalete) and her Polish project partner Anna Zywica (Szkola Podstawowa nr 30 im. Marii Zientary-Malewskiej).






Booky’s Books for you  aims at the development of linguistic competences and the encouragement of collaborative work on line; to awaken in the students an interest in their own learning process, in discovering other realities in the European context and in fully developing their own creative capabilities, their critical thinking and the use of digital means as a support for communication and the presentation of materials.


Infografía Bookys Books

 infografía Bookys Books


In the first phase of the project, the participating teachers looked for differences and similarities between the curricular contents of foreign languages at the different educational levels of those participating in the project. For this they used the tool Mindomo to create concept maps:

mindomo booky books

mindomo booky books


The students have had to guess their identities by associating audio files and group photos sent by each partner school. They are preparing the first examples of Booky's books, an illustrated collection by and for the students themselves from the first and second cycle, in an ebook format, which describes and presents the curricular contents in the foreign language in a game format.


A presentation video is included which shows the working process in which the books were illustrated and where the students used the tool Draw it live, while they watched their project partners in a videoconference.


Every partner prepares the vocabulary which will be part of the book developed in turn by their partner using the tool Answer Garden.


answer garden bookys

answer garden bookys

And the partner replies by creating the book with this collection of words using an attractive audiovisual format.  



alumnos bookys books

The books created by the partners serve as a learning support for their project companions.









Finally all the materials developed will be uploaded to the Pinterest social network ( to be disseminated and consulted.


Among the future activities planned for the project there is the development of two future comics (national group and mixed nationality group) as well as the production of a play with 5th and 6th grade students. From the eTwinning NSS we congratulate the participating teachers on promoting learning among peers, awakening their interest for collaborative work and the presentation of curricular contents in an attractive format for the students. We also congratulate the students and encourage them to continue to progress and participate in a play-oriented and active way in their own learning process.  



Image source: Images from the Booky's Books project twinspace. Title image made for the eTwinning NSS by Miguel García Bermejo. Booky's books for you.




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