Music and songs from around the world

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premios etwinning 2014 verde copia

Music and songs from around the world

04 Mar 2014  |  

premios etwinning 2014 verde copia Prize age category: 0 to 11 years 

Title: Music and songs from around the world

Educational stage: Infants and Primary

Subject: Foreign languages 

School: Colegio Gerardo Diego (Santander-Cantabria)

Project coordinator: María José Manuel



In this project meaningful songs are shared and worked on in each school. The aim to create a song all together which integrates all the languages which will subsequently be sung and danced to in all the partner countries (Italy, Rumania, Turkey, Spain and the United Kingdom). Pupils from 5 - 11 participate in the project. It is a simple but creative and innovative project clearly aimed at reinforcing the foreign language in a playful way by rehearsing songs and choreographies and sharing a common virtual space. 

The coordinator María José Manuel tells us in her own words how the project has been developed in her school.

The Gerardo Diego school is an Infants and Primary school which has pupils from the age of 2. It has a bilingual educational programme (English language) and is located in the Cazoña district of the city of Santander in the Cantabria region.  


music and songs video greeting song
During the previous years in which I have worked with children in the CEIP GERARDO DIEGO Infants school as a tutor and the person responsible for the English department I have had the opportunity to gradually but constantly develop a bilingual education programme: in a first phase, as part of the general bilingual project at the school, and for the last three years, integrated into the Linguistic Immersion Plan for the Infants Education stage.

In parallel and as a complement to this activity we have been working in Comenius projects, which have given us the chance to describe other international initiatives, and offered us the opportunity to get to know and to work together with other European schools, using the English language as the means of communication and exchange. A logical and consequent development of this interest and working method in the school was to participate in an eTwinning project, which thanks to the work of all my colleagues, the school directors and the support of the families, has been carried out with great satisfaction and excellent results, culminating in the winning of the National prize for eTwinning Projects, for which we are very grateful and tremendously proud. 

The original idea was to share songs and their representation, a goal which has been achieved. It was complicated to choose the songs due in part to the difficulty posed by the age of the participating pupils. As those of our school were the youngest, it has taken us longer to learn the songs. Depending on the language it was more or less complicated, but this has enriched the project and the students have enjoyed taking part and learning.


The work needed to integrate pupils from 5 to 11 in the same project has shown the enthusiasm of the partners to cooperate and work together and their ability to match the objectives to the age and capabilities of every pupil.


music and songs from around the world

The project can be developed in other schools, and we ourselves could continue contributing new proposals to complement the work already achieved and maintain the contact among the different countries. The students would in this way see continuity in the relationship with their newfound European friends. Thanks to this project, the learning and use of English is valued very positively in a wide functional sense. The results have been satisfactory and the students have benefitted from their contact with other countries and cultures.


SKYPE music and songs

In the words of the team of directors: This prize is recognition of the work on which all the teachers and pupils of the Infants school have enthusiastically participated, a project which has been transmitted to the families for their information. This is why we at the school feel very proud of the work done and the development of the activities which combine educational quality, and enjoyable activities for the whole school community.

Words from the Infants school team: This project has been very enriching for both pupils and teachers, as we have taken part in its day by day development, which has allowed us to see the progress made by our pupils and of course their association with other cultures, achieving a school environment full of interest, enjoyment and good practice, and highlighting the high expectations of all the parties involved: pupils, teachers and families.

Personally the recognition of this project with the 2014 eTwinning national prize has meant great satisfaction and an evaluation of the work carried out, not only in this project but also in the previous ones, as this is the result of a learning process which has been developed in the different projects in which the school has taken part. I must thank all my fellow teachers for their team work and the way in which they have involved themselves in the project. 

Music and songs alumnosedinfantil

Additionally I would like to thank Silvana Rampone, ambassador from the Italian National Service and partner in the winning project for the enthusiasm, close collaboration, transfer of knowledge and constant support that she has always given me. This prize is also for her.


I would also like to thank our National Agency (OAPEE, Organismo Autónomo de Programas Educativos Europeos [Autonomous Organism for European Educational Programmes]) for all their help, and the Department of Education, Culture and Sport through their Technical Unit for Educational Innovation. You have always offered us very useful advice, encouragement, and taken time to follow our work. Thank you very much. 


Results of the project:

Link to the TwinSpace



Image source: images from the project Twinspace and title photocomposition by the NSS from free images from

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