Kitbag to Europe, eTwinning for Leonardo mobilities

2011  |  

Subject: Trainning placement

Duration: A school year

Educational stage: Vocational trainning


The Leonardo da Vinci programme, in its IVT modality aims to promote the mobility of pupils of initial vocational training so that they can experience a training placement in European companies.


This is a unique experience which will make a difference to their whole lives: widening their horizons and expectations. It is therefore important to take the greatest advantage of this mobility, expanding it over time to include more than just the months spent abroad. It should be taken advantage of to get the pupils involved, so that they assume responsibilities, learn to make decisions and become the protagonists of their learning.


ICT tools offer possibilities which were unimaginable just a few years ago to connect pupils who are geographically far apart, to coordinate efforts and to make them feel members of a community where support can be found when facing a mobility project.


This is why we are offering this kit which considers an eTwinning project with regard to the management, coordination and evaluation of a Leonardo da Vinci IVT mobility placement, in which two or more European schools exchange pupils so that they can train in foreign companies’ workplace.


Download the kit

See a TwinSpace trainning prototype (user: leonardoet; password: leonardoet)

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