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Partner or collaborator in an eTwinning project?

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colaborador_o_socioTo create an eTwinning project it is necessary for two teachers with different nationalities to register it from their desktops. These two teachers are the founders of the project and also the first partners and will have all the privileges in the project they have initiated: to modify information on the project, add and manage the profiles of the new partners, use and manage the TwinSpace and the Project Diary, etc.

From this moment on, they can invite other teachers to work on the project, but as new partners or collaborators?

Although it may seem the same, the situation of a partner is very different from that of a collaborator in an eTwinning project. The main difference is that to be a collaborator in a project it is not necessary to be registered on the eTwinning platform, as they are only part of the TwinSpace, while the partners are always teachers who are registered in eTwinning and are full members of the project who can access not only the TwinSpace but also access and manage the Project Diary, add new partners, etc.


Project partners
     Project collaborators
  • Edit information on the project.
  • Add new partners.
  • Use and manage the TwinSpace.
  • Use and manage the project Diary.
  • Access all the functions from the desktop.
  • Apply for awards: Quality Labels, etc.
  • Use/manage the TwinSpace (without access from the eTwinning desktop)

It is important to bear these differences in mind when inviting a teacher into the project as a partner or collaborator, but it is also important to know the invitation process:

  • Inviting a new partner: A new partner is invited from the “Projects” section of the eTwinning desktop. You just have to click on the option “Add new partner(s)” and select from our list of contacts the teacher you want to add to the project. Once the process has finished, the new partner of the project will also be a new member of the TwinSpace, without the need to send a new invitation.



  • Inviting a collaborator: A collaborator is invited from the TwinSpace, clicking on the option “Invite teachers and visitors”, which is in the module “Organize the members” on the TwinSpace homepage. You just need the e-mail account address of the teacher you want to invite.


It should also be remembered that in the case of the collaborators, the teacher may or may not be registered in eTwinning, while this is a compulsory condition for adding a new partner. In both cases, during the invitation process we can choose the profile with which we want to invite our new project member: teacher-administrator or teacher-member.

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