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Mitos de ayer y hoy

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Myths of Yesterday and Today is a project based on myths from the perspective of investigation and analysis.







The pupils search for references to classical mythology in the Western culture especially in the literature, art and music of our neighbouring countries. In addition to this, they must look for (in a person or a recent event or situation) some sort of parallel or symbol of this myth or model with which they identity.

This investigation must be reflected in their final project which could be a written, spoken or a video presentation etc. This process constitutes a way of working which encourages reflective thought and analysis of what the pupils have learnt and its application to the society of today.


The coordinator of the Project, Isabel Martínez Herranz, tells us how the Project came about and how it was developed:

mitos de ayer y hoy socias proyectoThe central idea of our Project was formed during the Second eTwinning Teachers Meeting in Spanish: Forming Teams. This meeting took place in Madrid from 25th to 27th October 2012. After this meeting, we worked on the development of the Project.

Pupils from Isaac Albéniz School in Leganés and The Liceo Ginnasio Statale in Trieste from the age of 16 to 18 years old have contributed to this Project. The language used was Spanish but English, Latin and Ancient Greek were also used.




Last year we dedicated a weekly session to this Project from January to June.

mitos de ayer y hoy alumnos

In the first stage, each school tried to get to know and to become acquainted with the other. In order to do this, the pupils got to know each other on TwinSpace by preparing presentations, videos, a rap etc. The pupils talked about their schools, their cities and other interesting points which they wished to share with their new colleagues.

Later, mixed working groups formed which were ordered and named according to the chosen myths and these groups looked for references to their myths in literature, art and music in Western culture. This involved looking for a fictitious character or a real character who could represent a symbol and embody some of the most important qualities of the myth.


From this research, the pupils created their own materials in different multimedia formats (audio files, videos, Powerpoint Presentations and digital images) and they uploaded this information on to our TwinSpace site. Each team shared the result of their work with the rest of the pupils and groups. A great deal of this work was published in a blog created specially for the Project. Here is the address of this webpage:




In the final evaluation, the pupils valued and enjoyed the teamwork with pupils from other countries. In addition, they learnt more about how to use digital media through their work on the eTwinning platform and other multimedia tools.

Personally, this Project has given me the opportunity to collaborate with my Italian colleague,Geisy Sepúlveda, who was always full of enthusiasm and great ideas.



Isabel Martínez Herranz

Isaac Albéniz Secondary School



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