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12th edition of the eTwinning 2.0 course : project ideas

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curso_s2011The 12th edition of the eTwinning 2.0 course, developed by the ITE On-line Training Departmentended on 12th December. On this occasion a total of 558 teachers took part including 28 Germans and 31 French (with a knowledge of Spanish), who teach in their home country. Students and tutors are agreed that this new breaching of frontiers has been a total success. The course has managed to cover the theoretical practise of contents and achieve its objective of really initiating the teachers in the eTwinning action


As with the previous edition of the course, we are presenting below some of the project designs which the participants have created as one of the compulsory activities in the course. 

Sound sketches taller_manualidades

Involving the whole school and based on several workshops, Mª Dolors Sánchez proposes a cultural exchange between a Spanish and a Slovakian school: although the idea is present in many eTwinning projects, the approach is not just parallel work carried out in both schools, but an authentic personification of the partners to make it easier to understand their way of life. So by means of workshops for choral singing, instrumental groups, musical software, art technology, journalism, disguises, theatre and much more, the students will show the most characteristic aspects of their environment, ask their partners about what they most want to know about them and will dance, sing and cook the traditional gastronomic specialities of their partner country. They must then show what they have learned in a fun competition and act it out in a festival that nobody will want to miss. 

Download work project

Rapunzel (The brothers Grimm) and children of today 

Taking advantage of the popularity of the story of Rapunzel in Europe, Emilija Schneidewind, a German teacher and Peru Ibañez, a Spanish teacher have developed a new version. In their respective classrooms they will analyze the tale in detail in order to subsequently write another story about the character, but adapting it to the contemporary life of their own country. Each school will select the scenes which are the most popular and will act out those written by their partner. The final result, as mentioned before, will be an up to date and multicultural version of Rapunzel. Will it be as successful as the traditional story? The project has already been registered so that as well as downloading the document of the work project, you can see all the information on the eTwinning web page

Download the work project

microfonoChantons ensemble! 

If eTwinning represents a great opportunity in Compulsory Secondary Education classrooms for students to practise a foreign language in a real situation, the teachers Octavio Moreno and Anne-Laure Bertrand, who are respectively Spanish and French, go even further: their students will have to sing in another language. The project consists in presenting their favourite Spanish and French singer-songwriters, so that their partners can interpret their songs. These and some others sung in duets in the two languages will be the star turns of the show which will be held during the planned student exchange. But for the final results to be a success, there must have been beforehand a whole process of translation, pronunciation and intonation work, which will be made more enjoyable with the students' participation in a Lipdub and even the composition of a song by all the participants. In a word this is an attractive idea which has been taken up by other teachers as you can see in the information on Chantons ensemble which appears on the eTwinning web page.

Download the work project

Cloud.biz (a project to create import export companies)

If there is less participation in eTwinning from the Vocational and Educational Training level, that does not mean that it is less feasible. Ricard Eguíluz demonstrates this with this proposal in which he considers the possibility of developing a whole International Fair in which the students exhibit and sell their own products. The work project contains a multitude of activities with which the students will achieve, in an excellent way, the competencies required at that level: to create a company, to design a corporate image, to draw up the articles of association, to organize the departments, to create a catalogue of products, to make an approximate calculation of the prices, to study the market, design the order forms and receipts, make contact with suppliers, do the advertising and marketing, and disolve the company. The attention to the smallest detail in the process is evident, which fully facilitates the achievement of the desired results. 

Download work project

This is just a small sample of the work carried out by the students on the course. Very interesting ideas have emerged for all educational levels, but it is impossible to show them all. Many of them are already being put into practice, so that we wish them every success and hope to present them in the future. From here we would like to congratulate all those who have passed the course and to remind you that the material is always available.

Source upper right image:: ITE Resources Bank    Author: Raquel Hueso

Source lower left image:  ITE Resources Bank    Author: Anonymous

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