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Contents and tools in eTwinning are organised into three levels, with different kinds of access and privacy. Firstly, we can find the websites, both for the Central Support Service ([1]) and the National Support Service ([2]). They are open to any user, whether they are registered in eTwinning or not. Next, we can find the Desktop, which can only be accessed by registered teachers. Lastly, the TwinSpace, which is reserved for participants in a specific project.

In this unit we shall study public sites and we will see how contents are organised in order to make the most of them and learn to easily browse them. The other two levels will be studied in further units in the course.

Sites have three main objectives: information, counselling and visibility. News about eTwinning is published here, in order to keep users updated with what happens in the programme. Documents, guides and ideas are also available as a way to help those teachers who wish to start eTwinning projects or are already working on one, as well as a means to contact the Central and National Services. Thirdly, those projects acknowledging a certain level of quality are published on the websites and organised into galleries: projects with national or European Awards, Quality Labels, other projects worth promoting... In addition, we can find interviews with teachers, blogs, etc. Both the project galleries and user opinions can be used to provide visibility to good practices and are also a good source of inspiration and ideas to other teachers.

We shall now study the structure and organisation of the National Support Service (NSS) website and the Central Support Service (CSS). Contents are divided into four sections:

Homepage. Information and news Discover / Get the latest news
Projects Connect
Ideas Collaborate
Training Progress

We shall also study some other functions that have not been included in these sections.

Bear in mind that both the European and Spanish sites are constantly being revised and improved. That is why some of the images in this unit will not exactly match the website content.

The first thing you will notice when you visit and browse both sites is their design, as it is completely different. Nevertheless, the information featured matches correctly.


In this unit, those contents referring to the National Support Service appear before those for the Central Support Service. Although in some cases it refers to the latter without having gone through it, you will have no problem in following these contents.


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