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Here are some documents you may find useful in the design, development and assessment of an eTwinning project. They are not compulsory at all, but they are helpful when it comes to thinking about the project and its results. Bear in mind that the document 04_Proyecto_de_trabajo has to be sent to the tutor before registering the project. The last document is a zipped file of all the forms.

1. State report: If you, your mates and students have to interact, share and communicate with the partners of a virtual project, we must make a preliminary analysis of the initial situation and take measures regarding those aspects that may have an effect on the success of an eTwinning project. What aspects of your school can become an obstacle towards planning and leading an eTwinning project? Why do you see them as obstacles and how would you overcome them?

01 State report.doc

2. Project proposal: You must have some ideas to be transmitted to a possible partner and talk about what is to be done. The proposal must be flexible enough to be adapted to the features and ideas of the centre we are twinning with. This is a preliminary document to more detailed project planning.

02 Project proposal.doc

3. Mutual knowledge: Much confusion and many mistakes can be avoided if collaborative project partners dedicate some time to getting to know each other. Thus, as well as making decisions about objectives, issues and activities with partners, it is important to obtain some information about your workmates' situation. Read the following sections and add others you think should be exchanged with a future colleague.

03 Mutual knowledge.doc

4. Work project: This document provides a detailed description of the future project. It must be a result of the negotiation between both partners (as opposed to the 'Project proposal', which is the initial idea) and the last step before registering the project in the platform.

04 Work project.doc

5. Session sheet: you should gather as much information as possible regarding the development of the project. This information will be very useful to write the final memorandum of the eTwinning project, which you can present before your mates and the academic authorities. Remember that it is not compulsory to write this memorandum. In any case, it may be useful to gather all this information for future projects, to request a Quality Label or go further into topics dealt with beyond the twinning itself.

05 Session sheet.doc

6. Follow-up report: at some point throughout the development of the project, you should review what has been done until then, what is being achieved and how you can improve, modifying whatever is necessary. It will also be helpful to write your final memorandum, should you decide to engage in such activity. It could also be used as a document to be presented before academic authorities in your County to obtain some acknowledgement of your work.

06 Follow-up report.doc

7. Final assessment: attention shall be paid both to positive and negative aspects regarding student motivation and their learning, as well as the importance of direct communication with students from other countries, their contribution to the development of the European learning dimension and the use of ICTs in the classroom. It could also be used as a document to be presented before academic authorities in your County to obtain some acknowledgement of your work.

07 Final assessment.doc

8. Forms: All the previous forms, gathered into a zipped file.


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