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About the Registration

Does registering in eTwinning mean I am committed to anything?

Neither the teacher nor the school are committed. It only provides the data required so that we can contact other teachers. Should you wish to do so, you can check the eTwinning data protection policy.

I have pre-registered but I have not received the confirmation e-mail yet.

This confirmation e-mail is sent once the pre-registration has been completed. Should the e-mail account have spam filters, you must check this section too, as the message may have been filtered as spam.

What should I do if I move to a new school? Do I have to register again?

Then, from the eTwinning Desktop you can modify any data and add a new school to your profile. Therefore, you do not have to register again.

My school was not registered and I have had to include the data. Some of them are compulsory but I do not know what they are (school e-mail address, headmaster's e-mail address...). What should I do?

Once registered, you can modify any data from the eTwinning Desktop. Therefore, you can complete your registration process by using false data and then modifying them once you know the real ones.

About the Desktop and the Partner Search

I cannot remember my user name or my password to access the Desktop. What can I do?

Click on (Central Support Service website). In the same place where you insert the user name and the password you will see a link to 'Have you forgotten your password?'. If we click on this we will be asked for our e-mail address and our data will be sent there.

I do not want the image I had added to my profile, how can I delete it?

Go to the 'My profile' section and then to "Modify profile": click on the link to 'Photo gallery' that appears in the window. On the new screen you will see the photo gallery; choose the one you wish to delete and, on the bottom right of the picture, click on "Delete image".

Can I register a project with another school in my country?

No, as founding members must come from different countries. Once the project has been registered, you can add new partners from your country.

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